The rulebook has been adopted

though they have kicked the can on a few issues... including article 6.


It is Saturday, still no final text...

As I understand it, the hang up continues to be Article 6 which sets up non-market and market-based mechanisms for international cooperation.  There was a plenary scheduled this morning, then this afternoon.  We'll see!  You can watch the closing plenary (assuming it happens soon) here:

And Now… A Poem

By Daniel Dixon

As a member of UMaine’s “Week 2” COP24 delegation, I was somewhat disappointed to learn that the APA had been “gaveled out of existence” the day before I arrived. Also, that the intense pressure to finalize the Paris Rulebook had resulted in the closure of Party negotiation sessions.

Currently, all Party negotiations are taking place behind closed doors and often running into the early hours of the morning. As RINGO (Research and Independent Non-Governmental Organizations) members, all we can do now is wait patiently for occasional high-level updates during the Presidency Briefings. We have access to near real-time updates of the Paris Rulebook texts, as they evolve day by day and sometimes hour by hour. Unfortunately, we are seeing much of the text surrounded by brackets indicating that there is not unilateral agreement… yet.
The lack of agreement regarding the Rulebook text has resulted in the COP Presidency taking a more hands-on approach to the text and making more…

We Are Still In: The United State Has Not Abandoned the Paris Agreement

Posted by Alexander Rezk

       (Myself and other Junior Scholars speaking with Billionaire Philanthropist Tom Steyer, Keynote          Speaker for We Are Still In's Reception at the U.S. Climate Action Center)

        We waited, we wondered, and we searched. Finally, we found what we were looking for. On Friday December 7th, the United States made its unofficially official presence known at COP24 through the U.S. Climate Action Center. It is an odd thing, to be a world leading nation and only a half-willing participant in one of the international community's premiere diplomatic events. Throughout this first week, while the official negotiating delegation from the United States was around they were not exactly visible. Certainly, their presence (or lack thereof) hung like a pall in the Pavilion area, where you could palpably experience the oddity of their absence. What's more, early in the week, event maps actually denoted a location for an official US Pavilion, only to ha…

If food waste were a country...